What New Features in 2nd Gereration A029:
  • timer function (8/10/12/14/24 hours)
  • sunrise and sunset (30min)
  • self-test function after AC plug on.two channels will fade on and fade off, one by one. you can see white channel brighter and weaker in 5seconds, and blue channels on and off. self-test will be finished within 10second. the CPU in A029 will test control circuite, leds, fans. so you will notice led on and off. self-test will occure after AC plug on.
  • optimized rack to suit rimmed tank and rimless tank. Wider clamp can support rimmed tank now.
  • intelligent fan control. CPU of A029 can control fan on/off. fan will work only during working hours. fan will off if there is no led bulb works.
  • Three indicators to show brigtness and working hours.