G5 LED Aquarium Light

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  • Six channels:2000K Cold White Light  450nm Deep Sea blue+457nm Dark Blue 430nm blue light 420nm purple light+410nm purple light 660nm infrared light 500nm green light to control the intensity,can choose remote control or touch control,very convinent and easy.
  • Professional optical lenses make the light more uniform and more beneficial to the aquarium species grow and make the aquarium more colorful.
  • intelligent fan makes the lamp very efficient while transferring heat quickly
    dont’t make the fan hot and is basically silent.


product feature
1.Built-in display
2.Six dimmable channels to control light intensity
3.Sunrise and sunset mode can be set
4.Super silent fan
5.Full spectrum
6.Simple and beauty installation

Product parameters
LED Brand:Epistar
LED Quantity:24pcs
Actual power:85W
Net weight:1.35kg
Lamp material:Aluminum +Plastic
Operating temperature:-10℃-50℃
Input Voltage:100-240V AC
Single LED power:3W/5W
Package size(mm):390*258*78mm
Recommended size:70-100cm
Shell color:Black Aluminum
Storage temperature:-20℃-70℃

 Introduction to menu interface functions

The meaning of the functions of the menu

The first line of the home screen shows the current system time.
The second line of the main screen shows the current system running mode. The numbers in parentheses represent the current running time of the system.
For example, IF [01-> 02] is shown in parentheses, then the system is now running data from phases 01 through 02. (please refer to the diagram below for phase 01-02)

Displays the current brightness (as a percentage) of each channel.

Power On/Off
In this mode, you can turn off the light program, but not the power (the light is still on) .
When you select “off ” , the lights go out.
When you select“on“, the timing mode will resume normal operation.

Instant mode, set the data for each channel and run it all day. If you want to quit this mode, press the ESC key.

System time
Used to set your local time (system time) , the lights will run according to the system time you set.

Night Mode
When night mode (On) is On, the Blue Channel is On and the brightness is 10% . If you want to exit this mode, select“off”

Load default
Clear system parameters, restore factory setting

Time Preview
Before applying this pattern, you need to set the sunrise and sunset data you want. In parameter preview mode, you can preview the changes of your setting data in 24 hours. Please note that this is a quick preview mode, that is, the lamp will quickly show the light intensity of each time period in a few minutes. The graph below shows the light curve over a 24 hour period

Shows the current time, the internal temperature of the lamp, and the speed of the fan

Pilot light
Indicates whether the control card is working properly

Oled bri. Screen
Used to adjust the brightness of the screen (this feature is not usually used)

Group Master
Use to set master and slave lamps and to group lamps.
1.Master slave lamp setup
Master:Main light, you can set all the parameters. From the lamp to keep in line with it.
Slaver:From the lamp, set to from the lamp, this lamp will not be dimmed. Main Lamp brightness/parameters can only be synchronized within the same group.
The master and slave lights must be in the same group, so can be synchronized.
Maximum number of groups: 10

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    Bought this product it didn’t come with instructions so I’m not sure if there is missing pieces so I can’t install it either. I can’t find any info online to install it either

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