Hipargero led aquarium light&led grow light

Hipargero is a high-reputation store , professional growers make their efforts to research, design, production and sales of LED lighting products with years of experience in the field. The main products including high quality programmable led grow light, led aquarium light . Our market covers a wide areaWe focus on offering our customers reliable high quality products and excellent service.

help the plant grow faster and stronger
Sea World under the lights

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say I love your grow lights I recommend to all my friends. I have 2 tents with 4 450W COB LED lights. I was planning on setting up a 3rd tent with your lights when I saw one of my lights had a few lights out. I purchased the lights in October 2019 and have only completed one full grow with them. Do they only last this long? Should I be worried about replacing all of them after 6 months? Any help would be appreciated thank you.


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